Enterprise Supply Chain OÜ


Enterprise Supply Chain OÜ organizes international road transportation of goods. Our specialists choose suitable transportation means depending on specifications of goods and characteristics of transportation. The company is in disposal of the following types of trailers: tent trailers, trailers with temperature control, mega trailers and trailer platforms.

Our company ships the following types of cargoes:

  1. Standard cargoes
  2. Oversized cargoes
  3. Heavy loads
  4. Modular cargoes
  5. Dangerous goods
  6. Goods requiring temperature control
  7. Liquid cargoes

Main directions of road transportation:

  1. Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  2. Western Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Austria)
  3. Northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Finland)
  4. Southern Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal)
  5. Eastern Europe (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  6. CIS countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

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